Yeshiva University Looks for a Way Out of Financial Crisis

By P.H.I.Berroll Yeshiva University, the nation’s most prestigious Modern Orthodox institution for higher learning, is in dire financial straits. In a recent e-mail to Yeshiva alumni, university President Richard Joel acknowledged that the school had been unable to achieve a balanced budget for the current academic year, despite efforts by his administration to cut costs, and would therefore have to pursue additional, potentially devastating reductions. “We must address financial realities,” Read more [...]

New Survey Results Seen as a Wake-Up Call for American Jews

By P.H.I.Berroll Close to half of all married American Jews have a non-Jewish spouse. Two-thirds do not belong to a synagogue. And a growing number – especially among those aged 30 or younger – identify culturally as Jewish but describe themselves as having no religion. These are some of the findings of a new survey, “A Portrait of Jewish Americans,” conducted by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center as part of its Religion & Public Life Project. Since its release to the public, the Read more [...]

What to Do About Syria? Local Rabbis Weigh In

By P.H.I.Berroll The crisis in Syria has dominated the headlines in recent weeks – and for American Jews, this issue has a particular resonance. Aside from his use of poison gas, torture and other brutalities against his own people, Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad is also a longstanding enemy of Israel. No one in the Jewish community would be sad to see him go; indeed, many Jewish organizational leaders have publicly supported an attack on Syria. But could such an attack be justified, either Read more [...]

Claims Conference Facing Lawsuit over East German Properties

By P.H.I.Berroll The Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany, popularly known as the Claims Conference, is under fire – from some of the very people it was created to serve. The Conference, which handles restitution claims for Holocaust survivors, is already reeling from a major corruption scandal. It now faces a lawsuit in German courts by a group of survivors from the former German Democratic Republic (East Germany) and their heirs. At issue: millions of dollars worth of Jewish-owned Read more [...]